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Then the recovery software prompts you to choose the specific iOS version as shown in the image below. Clicking on the specific iOS version prompts the user to open the existing iTunes backup as shown in the image below. In general, iTunes backup gets stored in these locations:.

Once the backup is selected, the recovery process starts.

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The data recovery process will take several minutes to a few hours to complete based on the size of the backup files. During a test on an Intel i5 2 nd generation processor laptop, it took 15 minutes to recover MB data from the iTunes backup. Once the recovery process is completed, it immediately displays all the data recovered from the backup files.

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It also recovers different types of deleted data from the backup including text messages, contacts, call history, calendar entries and notes. The iRecovery stick can only recover data from the iTunes normal backups and it does not work with the iTunes encrypted backups.

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Once the recovery process is completed, the iRecoveryStick displays the recovered data in an easy-to-read format as shown in the image below:. The iRecovery stick does not recover data from the iOS keychain file.

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Also, it does not recover deleted files and photos. It recovers most of the data from the device; however, it does not recover deleted files from the file system. Due to this limitation, it may not be a great tool for forensic investigators. However this is the perfect device for employees, parents, spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends who want to spy or recover deleted SMS, contacts, call history and web history from iOS devices. Arreguy, I am doing fine. Your email address will not be published.

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Computer Forensics Boot Camp Our students have the highest exam pass rate in the industry! Learn more. Infosec Skills What's this? Recovers deleted data — recovers deleted text messages, contacts, call history, etc. Easy to use — simply connect the iPhone and the iRecovery stick to the computer, and then click the start button in the recovery software.

Portable — It is an easy to carry USB thumb device. Inconspicuous — It resembles a commonly used USB thumb drive, so it can be used as a spy device and no one would suspect that the device is used to recover data from the iPhone. Click to view larger image.

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Author Satish B. Satish B satishb3 is an Information Security Professional with 6 years of experience in penetration testing of web applications and mobile applications. He is currently a security researcher at Infosec Institute. Did you have a number of bookmarks in your maps? This forensic tool is your key to all this info! The iPhone Info Recovery USB can recover hidden photos from the following apps, even if you don't have the app password:.

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Click Here. Once I figured out how to use the software when it came down to pulling from iTunes and my iPhone it was very simple to use, getting their was the only problem I had. Thankfully with a little assistance from Spycentre everything was taken care of with no hassle. Great investment especially if you have children.

This will blow your mind with the information you will receive. Very simple process, was able to get everything downloaded and ready to go in about 15 minutes. Worked right out the package, was able to follow the quick start guide supplied on the website step by step with absolutely no issues! Cart 0. Recover All Kinds of Data With this forensic tool you can recover a multitude of different types of information that's available, quickly and easily.

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