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In Android devices running 5. Click on Delete to confirm the removal of all apps and data within the work profile. Once a device is put into Single App Mode, no permission prompt will be generated. This means that the app cannot access any other features that use camera, contacts, or location services. The admin should allow these settings before putting the device into Single App kiosk.

When a VPP token is removed from a server, the licenses used to distribute the apps will be reverted to your account. When you use this token on another server, the licenses can be used to distribute the apps to the devices. This results in the MDM server revoking the licenses of the apps distributed to devices and also removes the apps from the devices. We can prevent the installation and uninstallation of apps from devices by applying a few restrictions to devices.

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Yes, you can install enterprise apps silently on iOS devices, if they are Supervised. Firstly, add the enterprise app source. Yes, you can install enterprise apps silently on Android devices as explained here. This allows the app to be installed without requiring Apple ID and the app gets associated to the device instead of Apple ID, which is how it is usually associated. As the app is not associated with the Apple ID present on the device, the App Store doesn't notify the users of possible app updates, when distributed through MDM.

You can choose to force app updates on the device as explained here. This is an issue on particular models of Xiaomi devices. If you're unable to distribute enterprise apps to Xiaomi devices, follow the steps given below:. Yes, you can remove apps present on the devices, by blacklisting them as explained here. This creates another shortcut on the devices. Sometimes, even when the app is updated the existing shortcut is not replaced with a new one, resulting in multiple app shortcuts.

This can also happen when specific device launchers are being used. This is due to staged rollouts of app updates on the Google Play store. An app developer can release updates only to a percentage of devices, which are chosen randomly. Click here for more information on staged rollouts. If the device falls into this category at the time of distributing the app via MDM, this issue of different app versions occurs. This might again display different app versions on the server and the device, based on the device type.

System apps also known as pre-installed apps can be blacklisted using MDM by following the steps given below:. Whenever any user's personal device is lost, or the employee quits an organization, administrators can execute security commands like corporate wipe or complete wipe to ensure data security. Corporate wipe is a security command used to wipe data on the device. This security command is mostly used to secure the corporate data from devices, when they are lost.

Corporate Wipe is used to remove only the configurations and Apps that have been pushed using Mobile Device Manager Plus and this command will not wipe any personal data of the user. This includes, the files and documents shared using the corporate e-mail. Complete wipe command is used to wipe all in the data in the device, which makes the device as good as a new. Remote viewing capability is available for other Android devices above 5. Most organizations prefer to disable geotracking due to user privacy concerns. While admins have an option to track devices only when lost by configuring Geo-tracking Settings , some admins prefer to completely disable location tracking on devices.

Click on Modify and under Geo-location select Do not collect. Under Applicable Devices , select whether this setting must be applied only to personal, corporate or all devices. Click on Save and MDM would not collect any location details from the managed devices. You can associate users to either pre-defined roles or create roles and associate them.

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Additionally, you can modify the users, their roles and even delete them. Know more about user management here. It is to be noted the Super Admin of all the Zoho services are changed, when this is done. Now, select Company Details and click on Delete Account. Follow the on-screen instructions to removed your MDM account. This is a pay-as-you-go Service and can be mended as and when you need. Additionally, you can also purchase offline Non-Store by mailing to sales manageengine.

Payments are securely done using Zoho Store. You can also purchase offline Non-Store , by mailing to sales manageengine. For changing payment method from offline purchasing licenses by mailing to sales manageengine. You can also change the billing address here as well. All your confidential data is secured using VeriSign. Frequently Asked Questions. ManageEngine MDM is available both on-premises and on cloud. Profile Manager is more suitable for small Apple-only environments, while MDM is environment-agnostic.

Dedicated MDM server for superior performance. Host address: gateway. What are the domains accessed by MDM for enrolling and managing devices?

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How do I verify whether the required domains are reachable by the MDM server? After configuring the proxy server, you can access List of required domains under the MDM server section. Click on it to view the same. Only the domains, along with the corresponding vendor details which MDM has failed to reach will be listed here. Do the devices have to be factory reset to be enrolled and managed by MDM? Why doesn't my Android device support Android for Work despite running on Android 5. Ensure OTP has not expired It expires after 72 hours.

Ensure you do not use OTP in place of Zoho account password or vice-versa. As seen below, in the first case, Zoho account is to specified and in the second, the OTP sent over mail, is to provided. I do not want to create a new account to be created for every device enrolled in MDM Cloud. Is there any other alternative type of enrollment? Kindly zip these files and send it to mdmcloud-support manageengine. Navigate to Support tab. Select Collect logs.

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A notification is shown when the logs are successfully compiled. These logs get automatically mailed to the Cloud support team. What happens when my trial expires or when I move from Trial edition to Free edition? What are the pre-requisites for enrolling a device in MDM Cloud? The URLs mdm. If you're enrolling devices through invitation, ensure these two e-mail addresses: noreply notifications. If users don't have a Zoho account, they receive two mails.

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The former is used for sending join the organization mail for creating Zoho account and the latter is used for mailing the enrollment request. Modify the mail spam filter to ensure these mails don't fall into spam. If the user already has a Zoho account, only the enrollment request is sent. Create a Zoho account using e-mail and then follow the instructions provided in the enrollment request to enroll your device to MDM Cloud. The user's Apple ID can be used for the following- Purchasing personal apps on the devices.

Turning off Activation Lock on devices on unmanaged devices. Activation Lock is automatically turned off by the MDM service if it is managed. Does MDM require an agent to be installed in all the devices that are being managed? The agent is required only to perform the following- Track the location of the devices Securely view and save documents on the ME MDM app Remotely view or control the devices Update logs from the devices Detect jailbroken or rooted devices Whereas, in case of Android devices, an ME MDM app is required to manage mobile devices.

What is the difference between the standard and professional editions of Mobile Device Manager Plus? Profile Owner The complete work profile is removed resulting in the removal of every policy, app, and content distributed via MDM.

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Apple On deprovision, all the associated profiles, apps and distributed content are removed from the device. Windows On deprovision, all the associated profiles, apps and distributed content are removed from the device. While accessing the MDM server through a web browser, why do I encounter the warning Your connection is not private? How do I access the MDM Cloud instance if the admin who created the account has left the organization?

Why am I unable to assign administrator privileges on MDM Cloud to one of my organization users who is an administrator in another Zoho application? Sign in to the application used. Delete the organization and remove any user-created MDM account in another application. After the account is deleted, sign out of Zoho Accounts and close the browser window. Follow the instructions to invite the user to MDM and proceed with assigning administrative privileges.

The device that needs to be enrolled should be accessible through the internet in order to receive the email with enrollment settings. End user should have the following for self enrolling a device. Why does my Android device show the error "Device already provisioned", when trying to enroll a device using NFC enrollment? Android devices running 5. So on trying to enroll this device after wiping using NFC enrollment , the error " Device already provisioned " is displayed, as the device is already associated with a Google account.

The implicit Activation Lock can be disabled only by providing the Google Account details, associated with the device previously. Why have the users not received the join organization mail yet, despite having sent an enrollment request? Ensure all the pre-requisites listed here have been configured. Verify your anti-virus configuration to ensure it has not blocked the enrollment requests from being sent. Ensure it is not blocking the enrollment requests from being sent.

How to do that? Open this link and sign in with the Zoho account if need be. Specify the new e-mail address. A verification mail is sent to the new e-mail address. Once verified, MDM automatically updates the new e-mail address. In case you want to change the e-mail address of any technician, you follow the same process to change the e-mail address of the technician,.

One of my organization users signed up with MDM Cloud, instead of enrolling the device. How to have the device enrolled? Open this link and sign in with the Zoho account, if need be. Note that, this also removes all the Zoho services which has been configured with this account. If the user is utilizing Zoho services for personal use, this also gets deleted.

If the user is unsure about the services being used with the Zoho account, contact support mdmcloud-support manageengine. Follow the instructions specified in the enrollment mail, to proceed with the enrollment. What are the pre-requisites for adding users or enrolling devices?

If the user doesn't have an existing MDM accoun t, the user can access the link in the invitation to join the org. If the user is already a part of another org , the user must ask the super admin of this org to remove the user. The user can then access the link in the invitation to join the org. If the user is the super admin in the other org , the user must assign another user as super admin. The new super admin must remove the user. Now, the user can access the link in the invitation to join the org.

If the user is the only active user in the other org , the user must delete the org account as explained here. What are the prerequisites that need to be met before using Apple Configurator to enroll iOS devices? Ensure the following before enrolling devices using Apple Configurator: If the devices to be enrolled are bought from authorised reseller and DEP is available in your country, it is recommended to use DEP for enrolling these devices. To modify the associated credentials follow the steps given below: Navigate to Enrollment and find the device whose user details has to be modified Under Actions select the Re-assign user option Enter the new user name and email address and Save.

Modifying the user details will reassign the account based profiles to the new email address. Can devices not purchased from authorised resellers be enrolled using Apple Enrollment Program? Can a passcode policy forced on the mobile device be revoked by the user?

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  • What is the difference between Idle Timeout before lock and Grace Period for device lock? Can the user be restricted from changing the date and time settings on iOS devices? Can MDM be used to pre-configure essential settings such as Wi-Fi and E-mail over-the-air without any user intervention?

    Samsung : com. How do I solve this? How to disable App Store on the managed devices, without affecting the installation of apps distributed via MDM? Why should I enable 'Device Administrator' in my Android mobile device? Should the devices be re-enrolled if the APNs is renewed after expiry? For mobile devices running Windows 8 and 8. For more details visit help. How to verify the whether a work profile has been installed in the managed Android device? What is the behaviour of app permissions when a device is put into Kiosk Mode?

    What are the prerequisites to distribute enterprise apps using Mobile Device Manager Plus? Follow one of the given methods to distribute enterprise apps using Mobile Device Manager Plus: Enterprise Distribution: If you have a development team which is familiar with developing apps, you can choose this method.

    Ensure the setting "Save for Enterprise Distribution" is enabled, while the app is being developed. B2B App Distribution: If you do not have the resources to develop the app in-house, you can make use of B2B app distribution. Follow the steps given here for B2B apps. Under Device Mgmt , select Profiles. Choose the OS of the device to which the profile is to be applied. Under Restrictions , click on Applications. Restrict the options, Install Apps and Uninstall Apps. Publish and distribute the profile to devices. Does MDM allow enterprise Android apps to be installed silently, without user intervention?

    If you're unable to distribute enterprise apps to Xiaomi devices, follow the steps given below: On the Xiaomi device, navigate to Settings and click on About phone. Now click on MIUI version 7 times. You will see a popup message which says you are a developer now. Navigate back to Settings and then click on Additional settings. The device is rebooted. Once rebooted, you will be able to distribute enterprise apps to this device. How can I prevent multiple app shortcuts from being created on Android devices?

    The version of an app distributed via MDM and the version installed in the device are different. How is this possible? By default, the checkbox Show only installed apps will be checked. Uncheck this to display all apps on the devices, including the pre-installed apps. Search and select the app to be blacklisted. Configuring Email settings to restrict data forwarding.

    These restrictions will help you to secure Corporate data on mobile devices.

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