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Concerned about Security? We do not collect or store any information about the users of this application. Once you download it, it runs on your phone and never communicates with our servers.

Ear Spy: Super Hearing

We do not condone using Ear Spy to break laws or intrude on private conversations. Please use Ear Spy responsibly. Ear Spy. Description Ear Spy attempts to improve your hearing with the power of Android.

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Click on the center button, and you can hear the world around you. Disclaimer: We do not condone using Ear Spy to break laws or intrude on private conversations.

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You can pay a little extra and remove the ads or add new features, but if you don't have the cash, that's fine with us. If you don't have the money, support us by supporting our sponsors who put ads on the app.

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There are thousands of positive and some negative reviews on the app stores. Here are a few favourites.

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Helps with the TV, helps me hear other peoples conversations, and i tried leaving my phone in a room and using a Bluetooth headset and it worked really well. Another great app! I love leaving my phone laying around and get up and walk out of a room and I'll have my blue tooth turned on and I can hear what everybody is taking about.

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This app helps me filter out the noise and hear people over the motors etc. Ear Spy has several added features available as in-app purchases or for purchase with the pro version of the app.

How to use Ear Spy HD

None of these features are necessary, but will help enhance your experience. Android Only - Add more equalizer bands, echo cancellation, bass boost, noise-suppression and more. Record what you hear to an mp3 file. Great for taking notes on things you might want to review later.

Ear and Hearing Amplifier or super hear app, amazing app to boost your hearing.

There is more going on here than you know about. Hear it. Lastly, you can try the application for free for 7 consecutive days thanks to its test program. First you must know that it allows you to listen to the conversations around you.

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How it does the magic? Simply amplifies all sounds captured port u smartphone. For that task, Ear Spy uses its own equalizer, and with it you can make recordings of unlimited time and then listen to them.

It is the tool of espionage that every person should take into account. Do not forget to try it! With its unoriginal name, but with a lot of functions, comes the third of the list: Mobile Spy. With it, you can easily monitor, trace or observe all the content of any target device that you have in sight.