How to spot a cheating husband

Hi Christina, Sounds like your husband is definitely trying to hide something. While I agree that eveyone is entitled to privacy, his actions are that of someone hiding something that he obviously doesn't want you to see or find out about. I'm no longer with my ex but I noticed that there were times that he seemed way too nice to me. I remember questioning him when he decided to take my son and I on a shopping spree out of the blue. This was puzzling as most of our arguements were about money so it was odd to say the least.

I can only assume he probably spent an inordinate amount of money on the other woman and felt guilty. All the other signs already listed were present but also look out for your partner judging your appearance harshly and always volunteering to go to the store to pick things up for you. Clear indication of wanting to spend time with the other woman. Having a higher sex drive is definitely one to look out for as well. Anything out of the ordinary could signal something wrong. Lastly trust your instincts.

We have them in order to protect ourselves, if you think something is wrong, it probably is. Hi, fathful husbad with two kids here in Nor Cal. I found this post because I was paranoid that my wife was being unfaitful in some way. And found that I personaly match the signs on her. Thankfully the mention that one could match all 10 and still be faithfull.

But still it is important that we are aware of this. I work alot and find myself consumed with work and def fall into these signs. My wife of 10 years gets upset and rightfully so. I just hope she does not this this as i have. If you must let someone know their spouse or partner is cheating, doing so with tact and offering support can help your friend through an emotionally draining and confusing time. Most of the signs mentioned apply to my spouse-who swears he's not cheating. He just turned 50 and suddenly decided to lose weight and bought a bicycle and started riding.

He's takes his phone everywhere, in the bathroom either showering or sitting on the toilet and he stopped keeping receipts for things like meals on business trips. He also will volunteer to go to the store for me for one or two little items but will be gone for well over an hour when we live 5 minutes from the store. Our sex life has waned since I've gone through menopause. When I ask him about cheating on me, he emphatically denies it and tells me he's not. He lets me check his emails, texts etc. I want to believe him, I really do. If I can't trust my husband then the last 25 years of my life have been a lie.

I know what you are going through, as I just went through this myself. I know for my case, she was always two steps ahead of me until I caught her with the guy. It is unfortunate to come to a point where you have to spy on them but sometimes they will not leave the the option. If you strongly feel that there is something going on, you can either investigate or leave. You having been with your husband for 25 years, I would assume you can read him accurately. I just had a troublesome feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was not right, but I had no evidence.

Whenever I tried to discuss my concerns with her she always came up with some sort of plausible explanation. Soon, though, she dropped the mother of all betrayal bombs on me and our relationship came to a skreeching halt. Funniest thing, though, by that time I wasn't particularly shocked or surprised - I had a gut feeling it was coming.

Hi Roseanne, I would check for myself if I were you based on my past experience. I was married 25 years and in my forties when I noticed similar changes in my ex husband. I had that gut feeling but I ignored it. Much to my misfortune. He came home one night walked in and said he was leaving. In front of our son who was He did not even do me the courtesy of telling me he had met a woman at work. I found out 3 months later that he had been having an affair for months prior to leaving.

I hope this is not true in your case but it is worth checking for yourself. It can be financially devastating to ignore and possible third party involvements when you have assets form long term marriages. Am suspecting that my fiance is cheating on me with someone he claims to be just a friend but the feeling is strong. I work with Dr. Rob and we hear this all the time. But trust your gut! The past 3 years have been increasingly worse each year. During these years I could ask him his opinion on anything for example a movie and he will become defensive claiming I am asking him about an affair.

The topic is never remotely related to affairs. I walked into the room and he made some comments about work and then sick leave we had been having issues with at work. My comment was you were not here on those days and doesn't your boss wonder about you taking all that time off work? He responded with she should know she was with me. Of course the next question was what do you mean? I did not ask him anything about an affair he just offered the information. This information just came out of the blue. Then he became very nasty. The next day he claimed he did not recall saying it.

But went on all day about not wanting to lose me. I am still here but I do not believe that an affair is something that a guy would invent. Let alone forget saying. He has never said that before. I have also been told by him that he has spent a lot of money from his SMSF which he will now have to repay. Around 75, I feel stupid asking this but I am not sure if this affair story is gaslighting or true.

The spent money indicates to me its true. What do you think? He is 57 years old. No idea on the money spent or why he's have to repay it but it is unlikely he would make up having an affair as that would not help his relationship with you. Perhaps read Out of the Doghouse as it is written for men who cheat. It may give you useful information but if he really wants to save his relationship with you, it also gives practical information to help him rebuild his trust with you. Visit the website sexandrelationshiphealing for information and the ability to ask Dr.

Rob questions directly. I was married for 20 yrs. Had I known that, I would have taken my Dr. I suspected my Ex of cheating for YEARS which fell on deaf ears, denial, deflection, gas-lighting and massive blame-shifting. Despite this, it was still a shock to finally have enough undeniable evidence that forced a weak confession which was laughable, at best. I found out he had been having unprotected sex with women and men for years.

In the past 5 years since our divorce, his true colors have been revealed and I'm still shocked on a consistent basis that I was so completely hood-winked by a pathological liar. I share this story with you as a warning. Weiss is correct. If you're searching the internet for info. Protect yourself until you have proof that you're wrong.

Hugs and strength to all who find themselves here Robert Weiss, Ph. As tech and relationship roles change, so does cheating. We have only been married going on two years so to me I thought our relationship was still in the honeymoon phase. Since the start of our relationships my husband has always had other women he speaks to frequently that are just friends, he has fb friend which are mostly women and adds to the list all the time. But back to when we first got together I found many sexting messages back and forth from himself and a few of his friends.

I wanted to end the relationship then since it was still new, but he begged amd pleaded for us to try. That he had moved from Lousiana to Tennessee just to be with me. He is my friends younger brother so I didnt want to complicate thing and I gave him another chance. Five months later I let myself open up and feel head over heels for him and we got married. But just a fee months later I seen he had been talking to the same females everyday through fb calling while he was away from home and texting them every night.

So I looked in his phone and read the messages and he was telling one women she should never feel alone because she had a man her for here maybe 11 hrs away but always here. Then another female he was talking to about flying out to Arizon and staying with her, possibly working there. Never once was there mention if his wife going along or of my existence period. When I confronted him about this it was that I was taking it wrong. What he had written wasnt what it seemed. He had loved me since the first day he met me and had never loved anyone like he has me. And didnt want to lose me.

Nine months later he went out of town to work with my cousin and while he was away he had left his facebook account open in our home computer so i decided to look. I wanted more than anything to see nothing so that i could feel assured in him and in our relationship. Just a few hours later she tells him there was a flight into Miami and she worked it out that she could work the flight and be able to see him.

She even sent her room number and the time she should land. I deleted the message, blocked her from his account and went off on him. He once again confessed his undying love for me and wanted his wife. He was sorry and I took what I read wrong. That he never meant for the messages to sound the way they did and he had no idea she was going to fly in to see him. What really bothered me about this instance was he slacked on messaging me, or checking in and only calling once while he was away. When he got home we worked on our relationship again and I let it go, as far as arguing anyhow but the trust i have never been able to get back.

Well move foward to June he no longer wants to spend time with me, he starts working seven days a week and when he doesnt work he stays in the garage or in his computer downstairs. He stops talking to me about personal day to day things that have happened and lies to me about everything. From where our money is going to if he paid a bill.

So I go into his old phone and access his apps. He has hidden naked pics of different friends than the ones before as well as pics of himself. I look at the dates and they are from December of this year as well as a pic of his junk a few days before I found the pics. With a few selfies of himself that he never sent to me. At first he lies and tells me the private pic of himself was from January and he was going to send it to me, finally weeks of arguing and me showing him the file dates multiple times he admits to it.

But says he never sent them to anyone. And the selfies he just took for himself. I ask about the females in the pictures and he tells me he doesnt know them, which I find out a week later who one of them is and she confesses to sending them to him. The other three females I do know his friend sent one of them to him but the other three I havent found out who they are. It hurt that after so many times of forgiving and wanting to make our relationship work it was always the same story. Well when the job is finished he is supposed to come home but ends up staying two extra days and the last day didnt answer my calls or text after 7pm.

Said he crashed after a long day on the lake. That i dont see everything else he does for us all i want to do is cause is problems. And that he is always the one fighting for our marriage and in always wanting to give up because I take things wrong and dont trust him. I begged and pleaded for him not to go, I was in tears pleading him to stay home and work on us or I was going to pack and leave. The second day he is there I message him when I get off work and get no response until the next day.

He says my cousin had a party bit he had hurt his foot and went to bed early. Later I find out they had been on a boat all day with two women, which was there partying at my cousins home. Then I decide to go through his phone again and see the two same florida numbers calling so I ask my mother to speak with my cousin about the trip. She calls me back to let me know she was told that my cousin thinks I should divorce my husband because all he did was party all night, flirt with women everywhere they went and sleep with a women while he was there.

As well as a different women in December. And tells me about the other women that was with him this time. I confront him about this and he says they are lying that he never slept with anyone. My cousin didnt want my mother to give me detail just that I need to get out of the relationship. And the female that I did speak to had no reason to lie to me. I tried calling the other female from his phone and he got irrate and jumped on me and took him phone, deleted the phone number and said I was acting crazy. It was the truth and I should believe my husband not everyone else.

I wish I could believe my husband I wish more than anything that was possible. But after everything that has happened I know with all my heart they are telling me the truth. Not to mention he broke his finger while he was there and said he had to take his ring off and now cant get it back on. It has been a week and he still denies he ever slept with anyone and swears his screaming and getting irrate is because he is tired of all the drama, doesnt want to lose the most important thing in his life, and sick of me not believing him. The way he treats me when he is home by showing affection was great.

And now this. He was admit to what he has done so I have no idea why it happened. And why doesnt he even respect me enough to be honest. He is ad was my world besides my childern and I didnt want my marriage to end I wanted t grow old with this person and share our live together. As of now I havent left the home and he is begging for us to go to marriage counseling.

But at this point I dont see how it could save our marriage but maybe help me to move past all the deceit and emotional and now physical infidelity. I do love him but I have such a hard time talking to him without throwing jabs, I cant look him in the eyes and I just feel so lost. And if I ever did why did he need the attention from other women and why did he need to sleep with anyone.

9 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Will he ever be honest about the why or how or should I just try to let it go. Right now all I want to do is stay in bed crying and just be held by the man that I once thought he was. I found out that my husband booked an escort service, while was away on a weekend with girlfriends. I found out because we share the same account on our phones, many years ago there was an issue with a friends wife, l was told by a friend 6 months later, while it was only a kiss l never really got the full story. Just recently he asked me if l was having an affair, he also purchased a second phone, which l found out about on the day he purchased it, he told me it was for gaming, Since l found out about the phone he had not touched it.

What to do? He has done a number of things over these last 3 years in particular but for about a year now I notice there are mornings, like the day before his last day of work, when his alarm does not ring yet he gets up early, very quietly in the dark and supposedly goes off to work an hour or two early. He has always been a sneaky man but there can only be one reason why he is sneaking out of our home early.

I found sex toys and a box of condoms in his dresser drawer, he does not use them on me. He had a vasectomy after the birth of our last son so the only reason he would use condoms is to prevent STDs. We do not sleep together because he is a violent man in his sleep, we have our own rooms. He has supposedly been impotent for 15 years since we have been remarried because of his high blood pressure and heart condition.

I ask him years ago if he would seek treatment for impotence but he ignored my request. I am a christian he is a professing one but???? I finally caught him when his smartphone auto saved his messages in the word replacement text above the keyboard. I was able to piece together his messages to her. The priority list of who he should love in an order of deserving is never to place anyone no matter who over his wife, well except God of course , not one time is there a placement pecking order for his attention and love.

He is using dramatic tactic and he is manipulating the situation into your being a bad person who if he says has to believe him or he will make you sorry he will just end it all and that is working so far because you are worried and you believe he was reaching for the gun? The threats of being labeled a cheat will detour his little head from thinking to much next time he sees another woman and forgets he is a married man. My husband made comments that now since after our 15 years together he has the finances to afford a lifestyle of younger women and insists that young girls are always attracted to older men only because they prefer experience and wisdom.

His sister and Mother have caused me to lose jobs slandering me to my boss and then he screams how I cant keep a job. The slander is the most cruel and his sister changing our home and property deeds to her name and sells our property that we are having to buy back again but he says I am the one who is at fault for his land still not sold. I absolutely am in shock as this happened the other day and it was even worse as the ones he has told this to now are also believing these things about me and the looks of hate and disgust really make me want to leave the state and just give in to his cruel gaslighted cheap divorce he must be wanting.

He and his family are always the Blood is thicker than water type so he knows how it always worked to use women as he wants and abuse them as they all will. They all act as its time to get a new car lets get rid of the old one while I am just aghast at the non emotional concern for the suffering and injury they inflict. Resist the temptation to prematurely confront the suspected cheater.

If you feel you have gone as far as you can on your own, hire a good, licensed private investigator to obtain the hard evidence you need and get the closure you deserve. My partner takes off and starts fights with me and stays away for days. So lately my husband has done a complete ! We went on a trip a few weeks ago and he literally slipped out on me because HE left his shoes at my parents house! This person I have never known has just came out of nowhere. At the end of our trip he starts rubbing my leg and hugs me. He has been on his phone constantly. He deletes his history in which I never look at his phone he even sleeps with it.

I say I love you to him when I leave for work he ignores me. I asked if he wants a divorce he changes daily but always say I can have the kids like he hates them or something idk. Oh and he spends my money like crazy! Uses my cards with out my permission. Hi Vickie. My mom committed suicide in January and after that I checked out.

I noticed he was staying up late and then he became more and more argumentative. I ended up finding meth, a fake Facebook account and fake email account. He used the accounts for porn, dating sites and women. Yes, this advise is dead on. Looks like you are stuck with a cheater. Wives are stuck with a man that will never respect her. If you want respect, you will need to leave him and never look back.

Once a cheater, always a cheater is absolutely true, even the husbands that seem genuine and remorseful will cheat again in years to come. I am so sorry to hear this. It sounds like you were being emotionally manipulated and abused by a man-child who knew he was in a position in which he could control you. You and your children are better off without him. Hope things are getting better. I had heard that line before.

If someone is guilty and hiding things, they have an issue with you looking at their phone. Why would he go through this elaborate set up and say things that he knows would make you distrust him. Sounds totally counterproductive. Best of luck! Some men will lie and deny no matter what. You are wondering if you made a mistake — but you put the recorder in there because you obviously had a gut feeling.

Would anyone else have access to his vehicle? Did he work with any other guys? I assume no if there was an opportunity for someone to be getting busy in there. You may have played your hand too soon, although that was good evidence, was there anything else to support that claim? You are most likely on point, but I understand wanting definitive proof. He claims it was one-sided, but messages can be deleted. She could just make him feel good about himself and that feel that he is desired by someone other than his wife.

Nine months is a long time if they were communicating daily! You and your husband need to talk about setting healthy boundaries and express to him that that this type of communication is inappropriate and is only asking for trouble someone to catch feelings. It sounds like you need to agree upon what you both feel is appropriate ao he knows what the expectations are and how to handle any other situation that may arise in the future.

This is awful and I am so sorry you are even having to question your husband. It does seem extremely odd that a husband would leave his pregnant wife at home to go drink and stay the night with any other woman, regardless of how close of friends anyone is. If I understand correctly, she was just the wife of his best friend and not his best friend on her own. These are all pretty common sense questions and are huge red flags! There is a slight possibility she could be lying, but why would her mother play along? Bottom line is he is jeopardizing his relationship by his repeated actions and not including you to ensure your trust and give you any type of reassurance.

You have to decide if you are okay with the situation either way and speak with a marriage counselor. Good luck! He had taken a job in Virginia and our home is in Pennsylvania. He began talking about his trainer, a female who was a manager at another we store. He began acting differently towards me. He would always come home on Saturdays and Wednesdays. When he did come home I checked his messages he thought he erased and found numerous inappropriate messages between the two. When I confronted him he said it was innocent banter.

I made him have her call me and she said the same. I deleted the post but not before her friends started asking her about it as they had read it. I went to his store and made him call her store so I could confront her for messaging him again.

9 signs that your man is cheating on you and what to do about it

She denied it and mentioned the post I put on fb, that her friends were calling asking if it was true and asked what I was going to do to her. Of course nothing. And she denied texting him anything. I told her I had already read it. Needless to say my husband was offered two other stores in two different states and did not take those offers but is working five minutes from home.

I have not got the entire truth yet but I will. I have not forgiven him yet and we will see. By the way I had also friend requested the skanks husband on fb and his profile dissapeared. The chick was fat and messy but he is to blame as well. And so am i. I had stopped having sex with him forever ago due to built up resentments in a long marriage.

He is trying but I will still find out the truth because I deserve nothing less. He took a lot of money out in a neighboring town. Yesterday was our 22nd anniversary and today is my birthday. I took Friday off for it but I will call each hotel in this town. Knowledge is power. See ya. Now, this was a very condensed version of events of you are wondering why I upset.

Yall stop doing what yall did to get your man but yall expect him to keep doing everything he did prove me wrong plz. My husband of 5 years has refused to admit to anything that I have caught him doing. Last summer, i found correspondence bt him and a prostitute.

He denied doing anything. I called and somehow got the pimp who answered to check the records. Never admitted but his behavior said it all. This Saturday, I get a pocket dial from him. Then you can hear it on the recording! I saved the recording of the call i had with the pimp and this pocket dial. He barely contributes financially. Gets angry and goes to bed. What do i di? Should i just let it all go? You have to set boundaries to have any hope of a healthy relationship.

You should see a counselor individually and together. So all I can say is, well good luck. During the eight months he was a completely different person. He lost weight bought new clothes started going back to the gym. He started keeping his phone lock and still is to this day.

I found a box of condoms in his car mind you we have never used condoms ever he was utterly against it when we met. I totally spazzed out threw the box at him as he was getting out of the shower demanded to see his phone and he refused said that he knew I would act this way when he bought them they were in the house and then he put them in the car. We have two boys 13 and five at the time.

He claimed he was sleeping in his car then go to work. I was an emotional wreck I started running lost about 20 pounds I push the divorce papers we filled them out I talked about splitting of the bills and got a job up until this point I was a stay-at-home mom. I tried everything to get him back and ask him to tell me the truth he would then say things like he was seeing the counselor he got an STD test. He also told me on Thanksgiving that he wanted his hypothetical girlfriend to sit with us at our sons basketball game without me being mad.

Refuse to tell the kids that we were getting a divorce that he wanted to see a counselor before he said anything else. Once I got a job in May is when he wanted to help with the kids more he wanted to go on dates we started doing things together and he was acting very supportive which he never did before. He also went out of business in those eight months and told me he stayed in the hotel room with another woman and two other guys.

He never gave me the number to the hotel nor did he tell me what hotel he was staying at which one out of state. I never thought we had minor problems but they were fixable I never once questioned him being flirtatious with other women since the day we met because it was innocent. Now he wants to work on us and wants me to forget the past and not ever bring it up again. He said at the time he wanted to burn every bridge there was between us because he was just being a cruel asshole.

Signs Your Husband is Cheating on You

That none of it was true he just wanted me to think that he was cheating. He said that back in February of which threw me for a loop. Since we have so much of History even after he told me maybe we would work out in 20 years and get remarried. On things above that I said he told me I have come to terms that if we are going to stay married I have to accept the fact I will never be his first priority. He has been a wonderful husband since I started working and he is an awesome father. My question would be is it wrong to let him do whatever without stipulations. Does this make me stupid for staying?

They come home later

I told him that I do not believe him. He said i am honest with you but you fail to believe me. Ever since starting this new job he also has asked for some sexual things that he has never asked for before. Why is this? I would say go to the spy shop and buy a usb stick it records everything , hide it in his car and a tracker. All I can really say is trust your gut, why would another woman be in his room? And why would he react in an ott way?. Best of luck to you x. Last year his best friend passed away and the widow, who is a mutual friend, wanted to see no one. They would drink to the point he would jus stay there instead of driving drunk.

So I have had a few doubts in my mind. Well this past weekend he went with her and another mutual friend to a bar, where she drunkenly told the other friend that they had been sleeping together for 4 months and that she felt terrible about it. Said friend asked girls mother who is leaving with her at the moment and she cooperated it to him. Should I leave or confront her for proof. Help please. My boyfriend of 3 years lied to me a couple weekends ago about going to a work event to celebrate their end of fiscal.

He has two phones and accidentally left one at home. So I called the hotel, and when they connected me to his room, another girl picked up the phone. My stomach dropped and I started shaking. Is there any advice you can please share? I would really appreciate it. Thank you! Hi Sami, I would like to ask… is this your husband or a guy you are dating? Because that honestly will determine the best reply. So let me start off with this… you in no way deserve the treatment he is giving you. Not the rejection. Not the insults of your body. Not the emotional and mental abuse that goes along with that either.

The fact that he is ignoring how you feel when you try to tell him your concerns and feelings are not loving and not what a true partner does. A real man will not try to tear you down. He will notice your efforts in the relationship and make an effort in return. Whether you are married or not, I suggest you take a major step.

Go to one on one counseling to get your thoughts together, to focus on yourself, self healing. And that counselor might help you to see the kindness, beauty and love that you have and can offer to someone worthy of it in return. If you are married or dating, I suggest a time out. A mental, emotional and physical break. If he pleads for you to come back, awesome! He needs to woo you back.

Show you that he loves you! Less words and more action, because he might only say what he thinks you want or need to hear.

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And then it goes back to normal. Take your time. Focus on you! Instead, you want a man to woo you. When a man woos you, he is trying to make you fall in love with him so that he can commit to you. I promise! I have been where you are so I say this with experience and love… love yourself and then you will see your value and worth!

Signs of a Cheating Husband

You deserve better! Let him see what he is missing out on by distancing yourself and focusing on you. It is his loss in the end and your world to gain. DO NOT date other men. Determine your marriage and if it can not be salvaged, properly end it first before moving on. However, if you are not married and you are truly ready to move on from him, go for it!

I wish you the best of luck! Hi Kimberly, first recommendation I would like to make is to call an Apple Store and ask if what he is saying about the iCloud transferring photos to a new phone possible. I highly think it is because I have two cell phones that are connected to the same iCloud. One has an active SIM card and the other does not. And yet there are the same photos on both phones. So best to confirm with an apple representative before thinking the worst. If he continues the pattern of allowing you access to his stuff, the he might truly have nothing to hide.

The signs I saw are so far not what I hear in your story. Also if you are not comfortable in moving in together I suggest you express that with your guy and the reasons why. The biggest fails in relationships is because of lack of communication and expression of what one is feeling or going through. Express your concerns with you boyfriend with calm and respect, because you cannot go into defensive mode upon emotions. It would put his defense up and cause a rift it what may be a healthy relationship.

Take your time, digest and hear his side of how he feels as well. Sounds a bit odd to me with all these pictures. I found photos of girls who were not me in his phone and when i confronted him about it, he didnt get upset. I got into my car to drive away because i was furious and he ran after me and asked to talk about it. The images were deleted 4 days ago and he said they were from his icloud and i dont know what to believe because he has only had this phone for a month. He also has stated multiple times that he puts it on his daughters life that he has not cheated on me.

I thought he was cheating over the weekend but come to find out he was in the process of buying me a promise ring. He now has the idea to move in together so that i will be able to have access and know what he is doing all the time but i dont really want to have to do that because ive been in a relationship where i did that and it was awful.

I need advice in what i should do. I believe my gut is telling me something is not right. I have been catching him watch more women. I I initiate sex but get rejected over and over. He picks on my body. I sent him pictures of me in lingeria and all he could do was point out all the flaws. When I confront him or tell him how I feel he disregards me. If I confront him about cheating he gets supper mad at me. I have no proof. Could not find anything. Except he had a porn hub app and then Lied saying he did not k ow it was there. What else is he lying g about. He lies about viagra pills.

If anyone here at all wants someone to chat to my email is skittlefeets gmail. I check it a few times a day and I will reply. Tbh I wish I had someone point it out to me at the time. I know no one wants to tell someone they think their spouse is cheating.. Maybe not cheating but definitely not somewhere he should have been. I will get there. That being said… From the outside looking in.. Are you kidding?! I dont know you from a hole in the wall but I know you deserve better than that!

I wish you luck, truly! Wow that seems like a real OTT reaction to you questioning his whereabouts, either way you look at it, he lied about where he was. Why would he do that unless ofc he had something to hide. Hi, Came across your blog. My husband has been acting weird since October. His job has him on pins and needles half the time.

He even got on anxiety medication because of the stress. Anyways, he leaves out of town once a month for work but usually is really good at answering when I call. I called and called and called and nothing. I pulled up Find my friends app on my phone to track him. He was at the golf course and then it sent me a notification when he left the golf Course. I was so mad that I drove to this address just to find it was a gated property. He was at this address for two hrs I called him and confronted him after he finally answered and he started laughing and saying he was at the golf course but he is coming home.

I said try again, he kept saying he was at the golf course and he is coming home. He came home, changed vehicles and drove away to this park. He sent a weird text to his brothers telling them how much he loved them.. I followed him to the park. He was sitting there with the window down. He started crying and said how horrible he was. I said why are you horrible? He said because all the way home, you told me how terrible I was.

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I said to help you just be honest with me. He said he was being honest. He then acted like he was going to shoot himself in which I had to grab his arm from getting the gun. He I then got out and he took off going super fast. He came back home around 4 am and said he just wanted to be left alone. So his parents came in the next day and we all had a long talk. I been having alot going thru my mind thinking my husband is cheating on me. When he when to the restroom i checked him, it was getting better, but now its bad again.

Trust your gut hes obviously cheating with her, just look at the evidence. Been married 16 years. I used his phone to text him back and found text messages from a woman. My world shattered I confronted him and he says that someone from work was using his phone. He now says he his friend at work want to talk to me to apologize. I feel this is such a HUGE lie and he found someone to lie for him. I want to no why? I have never ever step out on my husband 28 years I am honest trust worthy person.

I just want him to stop protecting her and stop calling me nasty names. I got back with him I feel its not worth it. I no I can have him removed but he blames me for charges I just wanted him to get help. I checked my husbands phone history to see if he was cheating. I found Ashley Madison saying website. He said he went on the website to check if I was the one cheating.

Is he using reverse psychology? Also, he got out quickly of something on his phone one day while I came home early. I caught him jerking off while he was sitting on the toilette. He said it was just prom. Should I believe him? Or do you think he was on a dating site? I would just like to say that I truly hope you find the strength leave him. You sound like a fantastic person and sadly foll like that always get hurt and used. Trust your gut, it works for you when your heart and mind arnt sure what to do. I truly wish you the best and hope indeed things improve xx.

Hi Jule. I am so sorry you are going through this. It really sucks to be with someone you love so much and hurt so bad. I am in a similar situation with my husband. The love of my life who treats me like a queen. Dotes on me, always sweet. I found out after 8 years of marriage that he likes to have sex with strange women, as in women he has never had sex with. Only discovered because I found condoms in his work van. I was literally blindsided. I never in a million years entertained the idea that my husband would cheat. Because I was special. He always made me feel so special. Deep down I was actually thinking there had to be an explanation.

There was alright. I have yet to hear it though. When I confronted him the first thing I said was please be careful how you respond because it will effect the rest of our lives. Well of course he lied and denied. The cycle of mistrust began because now i dont believe him about anything because of all the lies. Its been 2 years since I found out that my husband likes to troll for women; prostitutes, crack whores, who ever he can find.

When he finds one he takes them behind a building, down a dirt road, by the railroad tracks.

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Somewhere he can do his business quickly and then be gone. He claims he had sex with 4 different women only once each woman. And he claims blah blah lies. His go to response when he doesnt want to answer is always I dont know. He doesnt know. I mean really? He doesnt know why, when, or how he cheated on me. Left me at home working we have a farm to go find someone to screw on the side of the road. Only to come home and kiss me and tell me how he missed me while he was gone. Me none the wiser.

I chose to stay because I love him so much. Any convenience store in a bad neighborhood. Or a good neighborhood. Anywhere he can find one. I get so angry though. Why did he have the right to ruin me, us, our farm, our business, everything?? He says he has no desire to have sex with other women now.

Why now? Because he got caught? He may not want to right now, but that desire is still there. Its sitting on the back burner just waiting patiently to resurface. About 5 months ago my boyfriend of six years picked up a woman, went to her hotel room, he undressed. He just told me a few days ago about it which completely blind-sided me. Did he cheat? I say yes. And of course its been very difficult to believe whether his story is completely accurate, or if its happened before. I do not want to be with someone I cannot trust. He says he loves me and it will never happen again.

He acted like i was the one. He blocked me from his phone, he had my new car taken from me, He had the landlord tell me me and my 2 kids had to find another place to live because he was selling the property. I went into Google my activity but I cannot go to the sites.. But I went into junk and recycle bin it was AL there. But he sed that it just came on the screen but never opened it.. Cos I told him wen these things come pls tel me. But he never. He thot he deleted all the email… An he denies opening this explicit videos.. Pls contact me. My husband drives truck 18 wheeler during our winter months and fly crop dusters during summer. About 3 years ago I looked at his phone and a message popped up on messager I never dreamed that he was doing this but he was talking to someone on messenger.

He said it was to learn how to talk to me.. We halve been married for 23 years dated for 4 years Something happened last year too he promised that he would not do it again well he has promised and I believe I thought everything was fine and I went to make payment on his credit card with his phone and I found dating sites on his phone. I would make a copy of the receipt then ask him about it. If he is, at least he is using something, my husband never bothered using one.. I really hope your husband has a good excuse and is trueful. Being cheated on is the worse pain I have even felt.

Good luck…. Well why does anyone buy condoms?. If he hasnt used them with you then, kinda left with the only answer. Unless ofc he uses them for balloons. My husband stayed out one night till 4 in the morning and then I find a receipt showing a pack of condoms was bought does that mean he cheated on me. Ok my husband was caught on social media sight with another chick. He was laying in the bed with her and they were trying to get likes and comments is what I was told. He would tell her she is beautiful and tried to grab her hand and rubbed from her chest up to her chin.

It looked intimate to me. He was also giving hints like he has something she wants. I told him that he pretty much cheated because the way they where interacting with each other. Am I in the wrong for feeling this way? Dear Worried and Scared, your story sounds interesting and similar to mine. We have one child together, a five year old. I caught my husband as he left his email open at home. Normally he is on top of closing down fully all of his electronics. Would he ever give me the password to his phone?

Not in a million years. That should have been my first clue. He went out of town last weekend for work. When he got home I was washing his laundry to find TWO tickets to a local event. I am crushed actually. On weekends if we begin to argue, he will just leave. He always has a bag packed and ready. The lying is too much. Hide things and lie. My mind rushes of all the things we used to do together before kids. We used to get along great..

I never thought for a minute I was going to be a single mother.. I thought I had a great ability to pick a good guy. Words can be so cutting and last forever. I wish I was his girlfriend and not his wife. I need to move back home closer to my family. Is that what you want to do? Experiencing something to such a degree while having it continually happen…pieces of you slowly are being chipped away.

I just want to be around people who love me for who I am. Have you made any plans? Do your kids know about the upcoming split? I am so sad. So torn up. He does this when he knows he is in trouble. The time I need him the most. He is staying in a hotel for now. Give me your update if you feel you can.. My husband lied to me from the start. I always knew He was disappointed in me, he pften spoke about other woman, as if they were better than me. He tried to make me feel worthless, never helped me or supported me. Then our Son committed suicide. Well, he wasnt there for me then either.

He grew farther away. At 40 years of marriage and several years where he didnt even touch me, I caught him with porn. It took another 9 months for him to admit his secret life. He was a selfish, lazy husband and father, not lazy in his business, just for us. I had treated him like a King and he didnt appreciate it or our family. I made us look like we were perfect. But it was all a lie. I even stayed, for the kids. Months later, the boys had me attacked and tried to desyroy me. I didnt get any support again.

They quickly kicked me out of their lives, so I havent seen my grandchildren for 4 years. Turns out they are just like their Dad, so they tried to destroy the only good and reliable thing they know. I should have never stayed, even from the beginning. I tegret ever marrying him. But I am still here, fighting with christian self for staying. Basically for convience, but even thst is painful.

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I do have my daughter, but she lives long distance. Once a cheating liar always. At 65 he still cant tell when he is lying, he is so use to it. He says he wont ever cheat again, but seriously how do I trust him. I pity him,bringing in satan to destroy our family. I hate him, he is a disgusting dirty old man. I am here for the money, bevause besides my daughter thats all I have left.

I am 39 years old, married for 23 years. I do not understand why they communicate every day if she is only a business friend. Also I questioned her and she says they are just friends.